Opposition Frost is not afraid

On February 22, the action “For honest elections!”And its organizers finally decided on how everything will pass and how the Saturday procession will end.

They decided that this event would be completed in Bolotnaya Square with a small rally and the adoption of a resolution. Nine people will perform for shares (they will be given three minutes). The rally will be so much reduced due to severe frosts that participants who will go a long way from Kaluga to Bolotnaya Square have not freezed for some time. “I suggest people not to freeze. Let the organizers read out the candidate minimum and the resolution, and we finish this. Otherwise, everything can end with frozen people who will run to hospitals with pneumonia and SARS. All their speeches and monologues who want to speak can well publish in their blogs and the media, ”says famous writer Grigory Chkhartishvili.

After that, several people at once decided to object to him, for example, Gennady Gudkov, a deputy of the State Duma from the Just Russia party, Mitrokhin Sergey, who is the chairman of Yabloko and Evgeny Chirikov, the head of the actively fighting defenders of the Khimki forest. “I think that people will gather, the whole Yakimanka will pass the procession, and as a result they will simply listen to some performances, they will be read out by the resolution and this will end. We are obliged to expand the action with many speeches and a concert for the gathered protesters. I believe that it is better to leave the representative from each column (the “non -partisans” will go the first, then there will be left, right and liberals), three people from the Voters League and three candidates for the presidency of. Yuri Shevchuk will complete all these performances, ”said Sergey Udaltsov, coordinator and leader of the Left Front movement.

Organizational Committee of the Promotion “For Fair Elections!”They say that the organizers of many” parallel “events are purposefully trying to interfere with the rally and procession. “There is one real action. All the other is an ordinary propulsion, ”said Harry Kasparov, a member of the organizing committee.