Partial subsidizing gas tariffs is possible without external loans “

In the case of a correct, competent approach, partial subsidies by the Government of Armenia for gas will become possible without external loans. In my opinion, 30%subsidies can be carried out exclusively due to internal resources.

A similar opinion was expressed by the head of the analytical center “Alternative”, Professor Tatul Manaseyan. “In my opinion, the prevalence of external debt over the duty of the internal gives the realism to implement the idea of ​​the release of national bonds proposed by the Prime Minister of Armenia by Tigran Sargsyan. Our experts proposed a similar program for the release of national bonds on the basis of specific state programs several years ago, given the fact of the presence of relevant resources in the republic, ”the economist said. According to Manaserver, the so -called Cash can serve as such resources, which holds a significant part of the population of Armenia in cubes and banks for a “rainy day”. Thus, according to the economist, the case is behind the small, namely the search for the relevant mechanisms for the implementation of such a program.

Manasean noted that otherwise when the government once again has to resort to external borrowings, this will inevitably lead to an even greater economic dependence of the state on external factors. Which, in his opinion, given the possibility of impending use of these funds, would be extremely undesirable.

On May 16, at a government meeting, Armenian Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan said that in connection with the revision of gas tariffs, the government intends to subsidize them by 30 percent. Given the concomitant statement of the prime minister, according to which Armenia will first begin the release of currency bonds in the international capital market, it seems that the Sargsyan government intends to do this through the next financial borrowing. At the same time, in principle, 30%subsidizing the increase in gas tariffs due to internal resources through the production of Eurobonds could well become a reality.