Payment of Mail Santa Claus

Sometimes I cry for the phone. I launch Webmoney Keeper, get a password, click “Yes, damn it, I’m sure” on a pair of screens – and the money is flying where necessary. For hosting I cry the same.

Sometimes I buy programs in Android Market. To do this, once I had to feed the Google Checkout service parameters of my bank card, and now installing a paid program only on one button “Yes” longer than free. By the way, just in case, the card is not used by the main, but a specially entrusted “bank in your pocket” of the Russian standard. I recommend. There have never been problems either with a bank or a card.

Having promised the child to go to Smesharikov and did not have time to buy tickets for tomorrow, I climbed into the Yandex poster at night, I managed to grab more or less decent places for tomorrow and pay the same card. At the cash desk of the cinema, I called the number and immediately got tickets.

In extreme cases, I can even send a paid SMS.

Why is the letter from Santa Claus on the site of the Mail of Santa Claus can only be paid by a receipt or postal translation? I understand that these methods have established themselves: they have already worked in 1911, but now 2018! You can imagine what a receipt of a receipt in a bank or a postal transfer for a person who lives in a sleeping area and works in the industrial zone? This is Saturday. Because when I go to work, banks and mail do not work yet, when I return, they no longer work. Sunday is a day off. Only Saturday remains. And the order will begin to be executed only by receiving a payment signal. Saturday – too late guys.

At first he hoped to pay for the details of the details through the bank’s web interface. Frive. The receipt indicates two TIN of the recipients, and only one can be introduced. And? But immediately they did not try to send customers obscenities? It will disperse them even faster.

A child is a sacred thing, so I nevertheless snapped one and a half (!) hours of working time and paid a receipt in Sberbank. But I don’t want something anymore.

Okay, it would be about many thousands, but there are real pennies! Make a normal payment of payments. I am sure that there is nothing complicated about it. There are cards, there are webmoney, there is Yandex. Money, there is kiwi, in the end there are God -dimensional SMS. Who sits exactly, he will also lie down.

I cut out the mate. I hope the members of the proposal remained agreed.

The letter itself came, there are no complaints here. Too verbose only, and my wishes for content were not taken into account. But no one clearly promised to take them into account.