Political prisoners in Cuba will serve his sentence closer to the house

Cuban authorities finally began to transfer political prisoners. In the very near future, all Cuban dissidents will be placed in prisons located in the immediate vicinity of their houses. Human rights activists have already called this decision of the Cuban leadership by the first and rather serious step towards improving the conditions of maintaining political prisoners in custody. According to Elisardo Sanchez, who holds the post of head of human rights organizations, the leadership of the Canaleta-a strict regime prison located on the territory of the Syeo de Avila province, has already contacted the family members of one of the prisoners to report that he would be transferred to the near future to the prison located in the province of Matansas is the place where his relatives live. The same information came from the mother of another political prisoner who is also transferred to prison in Mantansas – closer to the house.

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Sanchez believes that such actions clearly indicate that the Cuban leadership is ready to meet the requests and requirements of human rights defenders and, finally, make the conditions for the detention of political imprisoners in custody softer. It is worth recalling that more recently, namely, on May 25, church and state negotiations were held in Cuba, in which Cuban leaders and representatives of the Catholic Church took part on the other hand – on the other. And then the country’s authorities made a promise according to which the “prisoners of conscience” in the very near future will be transferred to those prisons that are in the provinces where their relatives live. First of all, this is done in order to facilitate the process of communication with relatives by political prisoners. The authorities also promised to provide all the necessary medical care to those prisoners who need it. Recall that earlier patients were refused this.