Poor security of critical infrastructure objects

By critical infrastructure objects, not only nuclear power plants can be meant. The enterprises that were interviewed in the process of some studies were selected from the spheres that have such an importance for society and for the national economy that cases of successful attacks and damage to these computer networks may arise of national security, and this is healthcare, and emergency services and much Other. Information of this survey does not count on a hundred percent part, but still, you can illustrate this problem.

And so, with regard to data: of all respondents, twenty percent does not react to the information security incidents with a pronounced way. Twenty -six percent do not take the necessary measures to access the infrastructure, which, on the basis of accounting records, thirty percent has no emergency recovery plans for the information system, do not carry out information security monitoring thirty -three percent. Forty -five percent of respondents do not conduct at the appropriate level an audit of security. Based on these data, it can be understood that almost half of the enterprises are not protected.

MPP Consulting specialists have published a new quarterly rating of the most unstable investments in Ukraine. The II quarter of 2010 included: land, construction of real estate, banks and retail. According to the State Statistics Committee, in the first half of this year, foreign investors introduced 1782 million into the Ukrainian economy. dollars, which is only 66 percent of the same period of the past year.

The increase in foreign investment for January -June 2010 is 1,248.8 million. dollars: investors introduced 1,782.8 million. dollars, and taken – 534.0 million. US dollars. This minus dynamics of the parish of foreign investment in Ukraine acquired tendentious features. The conclusion suggests itself, foreign investors are trying to go around Ukraine in their work. At the same time, the Goskomstat states that the number of investments in the Ukrainian economy has significantly increased at the expense of Russian and Cyprus investments. And countries such as England and the USA, due to the seized capital, reduced their share approximately twice. It has long been accepted that investors in most cases invest funds in those countries, and economies where they plan to get as many profits as possible with small risks. Ukraine is not yet such a country.