Premier League. Goverla 1: 3 Arsenal. Part is the third

One can only guess what Sevidov said to his wards during the break. In the match for the hosts, everything went somersault and it was necessary to just find the strength to fight in himself, so as not to completely lose their face … The hosts sunk by half the second half, when the Arsenal was forced to defend himself almost the whole team. Kirill Petrov at the fifty -fourth minute at the far rack effectively closed the supply from the corner flag – it is worth noting the error of the experimental reel. Makarenko pierced his head promisingly, but this time the goalkeeper of the Kievite did not give. But the distant strike of the Obarangian did not have enough accuracy.

The gust of Transcarpathians was suspended by the guests of the lunge of Gomenyuk, who today led the entire match for partners. If Vladimir scored the fourth ball of Arsenal – no one would call this event illogical. However, this would kill the remnants of intrigue, even in the minds of ardent optimists. And so, before the end of the match, fantasy lovers also had the opportunity to scroll in the imagination of some scenarios of the “return” of the owners. Churko tried to give science fiction real features – the stand prevented. And then the final whistle of Yuri Vax, who is offered high -quality delivery of prefabricated goods from Germany, marked the bitter and real truth for the hosts – 1: 3.

Goverla simply could not cope with the pressure of responsibility. A lot was said about a convenient calendar for Uzhgorod residents, that Sevidov’s wards are waiting for matches with rivals equal in class and you need to conquer glasses … So the Uzhgorodians were “burned out”. And the Kyiv team, not burdened, in fact, by a tournament struggle, smashed the hopes of Sevidov’s wards, going up to the derby with the Carpathians in a good mood.