Property search in the UK

You can study offers for the sale of real estate in the UK on the Internet, in specialized print publications and at thematic exhibitions.

Look at the real estate database in the UK at . Objects that are usually in demand among foreigners are uploaded to our portal. You can also submit a request for the selection of real estate according to your requirements – realtors themselves will send a selection of suitable options.

There are also many sites in English to search for real estate – let’s list some of them:

  1. Rightmove.
  2. Zoopla.
  3. Onthemarket.
  5. Nethouseprices.

The transaction usually involves an agent selling real estate (his services are paid for by the seller); two lawyers registering real estate, one on the seller’s side, the other on the buyer’s side; a surveyor, who is appointed by the buyer to check the quality of real estate and its evaluation (optional). If a mortgage is used, the surveyor is appointed by the bank. In some cases, the buyer purchases real estate through his agent, who is engaged in the selection of an object suitable for the specified parameters and wishes.

Checking the condition of the property and the purity of the transaction is handled exclusively by the buyer’s lawyer. It is he who interacts with the seller’s lawyer and other organizations.

It is worth noting that real estate transactions are handled by special lawyers, conveyancers. This is a special “caste”, their work is controlled by the Law Society – the Law Society. Every law firm has insurance covering insured events that have arisen as a result of human errors.