Protests against lies about Cuba are becoming more large

Cuban soldiers, university students, pharmaceutical workers and officers have joined the wake of condemning a campaign against Cuba, deployed in the media on the initiative of the countries of the European Union and the United States of America. According to Cuban journalists, one of the students of the Faculty of Communications of Gavan University called on the public to intensify activities in defense of the Cuban Revolution and to repel charges against the island. The captain from the Western Army unit Madlen Gonzalez said that the Cubans have disagreed with those who criticize and condemn the authorities of Cuba in violation of human rights. In the course of her speech on the parade ground before officers and soldiers, Gonzalez emphasized that states who themselves practice the unjust content of people in prisons and torture simply do not have moral right to judge and accuse the people of the country living for more than half a century in the conditions of economic blockade.

According to the cadet of the Gavan Military Technical Institute, Marlene Limont, imperialism can not forgive the Little Cube of the great work of the revolution, the ability to resist and survive, as well as the desire to remain free. Civil worker of the military-industrial complex Judit Technology noted that there can be nothing to do with the Cubans going in the media of the lies campaign. From this, Cuban citizens are only united, strengthened and gain forces for the construction of the future. Tanya Urkis, who is the general director of the Laboratory of Medsol, said that employees of the institution will support any decision that will be made by the leadership of the revolution.