Purely where they do not take

Recently, a resident of the village of TsOF Popov came to the editorial office of the Donetsk Worker newspaper, brought a letter and asked to help solve the problem. As it concerns the improvement of the park zone of the territory of the Club TSOF. Here’s what our reader writes on this subject: “In the park, weeds are growing above the knee. There is a janitor at the club, who removes only in front of the club building, and behind him, in the center of the village, a landfill formed. What is not there! Seeing a landfill, negligent residents help the club increase it ..

We, the inhabitants of the village, are outraged by such a lawlessness and ask us to figure it out, as well as oblige a janitor to at least rake this garbage into one heap. The club manager says that he constantly calls a garbage cleaning machine, but he believes in it with difficulty. I have never seen this car that would take garbage. After each disco, the landfill is replenished with a mass of bottles … who will restore order?””.

I must say that in conclusion of his letter, the reader of our newspaper is not in vain as a rhetorical question. Most likely, the woman wanted to say that, first of all, the inhabitants of the village could correct the situation themselves. Because it is they who are the culprits of the creation of a mentioned problem. This, by the way, says the head of the club of the village of TSOF G. Donetsk in the Rostov region in. E. Tofel, commenting on the letter we received:

– It is not entirely clear what kind of landfill we are talking about. About two years ago I was going to some garbage for the club building. But today, look, there is nothing like it there.

If we are talking about the household garbage, which negligent citizens are dumped in an area adjacent to two-story houses, this is, firstly, not our territory, and secondly, our club does not endure anything there. Come on, let’s see what is there.

Together with Vladimir Evgenievich, we went around almost the entire territory of the park adjacent to the club. Indeed, there was no garbage behind the club building. In the vicinity of residential buildings, heaps of domestic debris rise: waste from food, packaging from mayonnaise, cans, potato cleaning, children’s diapers … I do not think that all this remained after the youth discos.

There was no point in commenting on what they saw. From other areas, residents do not bring garbage there. It turns out where we live, sorry there, and we guess ..

And, nevertheless, in. E. Tofel said that several years ago residents of the village of TsOF wrote a collective application to the city administration with a request to take out garbage from that territory. Then everything sketched there was removed. But, as they say, not even six months have passed, as the situation repeated again.

As for the neglect of the park, then, in principle, Popova is right: the grass has not been swayed there for a long time, and old trees (acacia and ashs) have just begun to be sawed. The head of the club explains:

– We have no positions of the landscaper. We try to cut a drying dry on our own. And what forces do we have? – Club workers – only women. That’s what I do, then you see.

On the territory behind the club lay a mountain of freshly sawed branches of trees. The same armful lay and near the main entrance to the club (on the right side). According to. E. Tofel, all this natural garbage will be taken out in the near future, as the garbage remaining after the discos is also exported.

So, there is a problem, but it does not correspond to the club’s work. After all, it is about residents, that is, in ourselves. Until we learn how to take a businesslike way, humanly belongs to the place in which we live and rest, we will never have order.

And one moment. Being a resident of the specified village, I drive my little daughter into kindergarten through the club park daily. Honestly, the air of the morning there is wonderful there, birds sing, woodpeckers and no landfills adjacent to the club building have not been observing for a long time. But as for the heaps of household garbage, sketched near residential buildings (territories not belonging to the club), they really are. I personally saw how a huge package with “diapers” brought a boy there about six. Looking around, he threw the garbage into a heap, and, seeing me, and when he heard the remark “What are you doing?”, He headlong ran towards old two -story houses. So ran that only a well -trained athlete could catch up with him. Here you have the answer to the question posed: purely where they do not boil.