Residential buildings in the suburbs will be lower and at a high price. Demand for housing surpasses proposals

The fact that the ratio between the infrastructure and the number of inhabitants is necessary is understood both the administration and developers understand. But still, the demand for housing is superior to proposals. In this regard, often in the village, designed for five hundred inhabitants, the microdistrict grew, in which five thousand people were located. It is not difficult to imagine what the load was assigned not only to district roads, but also on salvation services and doctors. At the moment, the new law needs to revise about 70% of residential projects. Such a revision was waiting for a long time the general director of the company “Geographic” Maxim Leshchev. He believes that the energetic construction of social facilities and roads will help to solve the issue of compaction of the districts of the Moscow Region.

“If we have parts of the Moscow region, especially near the Moscow Ring Road, will develop, then, of course, we will receive the established negative in the future. The load on the engineering infrastructure also does not at times not imply the construction of microdistricts where this or that village has long been designed, ”said Leshchev.

Free real estate analyst Andrei Beketov notes: it is impossible to apply joint standards to the cities of the Moscow Region. Based on this, all the requirements of the new law will not be able to be implemented.

“Part of the cities that are located near the Moscow Ring Road are almost sleeping areas of Moscow enterprises. It turns out that people only live here, and work in Moscow. But cities such as Shatura, Volokolamsk are located on the periphery of the Moscow region, and accordingly there is a completely different cycle, ”Beketov explains.