Residents do not want to leave and do not want to come to terms

– In the spring and autumn, absolutely all residents throw their cars at the entrance to Chamonino, and then go on foot, – Azat tells about. – Also, taking into account the fact that the soil is clay on this territory, we can imagine what efforts we have to make to get to our housing.

Despite this, absolutely no one wants to leave such a long -awaited personal housing – large and young families entered the program, which has even a funds for the purchase of housing for 700 – 900 thousand. rubles were found only with the assistance of the republic. And even this amount seems very large for many.

– We would be happy to move here quickly, last winter about three hundred families winter in our own homes, Azat reports. – Although if there were no water and electricity in the house, hardly anyone would venture to enter the actually uninhabited room.

Conducting central engineering networks was taken by the state, but the matter did not go further than the main routes. In 2010, participants in this program were offered to join communications on their own. Our republic actually dumped on the shoulders of the newcomers the costs unequal for them. The program was on the threshold of collapse, since at the same time to pay a mortgage for the buildings acquired, but also not becoming residential buildings, renting rooms for temporary residence, and also find money for eyeliner, most of the families could not “pull”. As a result, when in the spring of last year the Ural charity fund began to allocate money to families, covering the costs of bringing gas, water and light, life began to literally return to abandoned villages.

– We very successfully accommodated in a fixed amount of 130 thousand rubles, – represents a new trench Azat. – Everyone spends funds in different ways. Who approaches this reasonably and dull – there are enough these funds.

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