Residents of Vologda region have difficulty obtaining land for IZHS because of banks and officials

Residents in the Vologda Oblast are very often greeted by difficulties in obtaining land plots and building housing on them. Officials and representatives in banks are to blame for this, due to which development in low-rise construction is inhibited. So said Governor Vyacheslav Pozhalyov, during a visit to the permanent exhibition in the open air – “Vologda Sloboda”, where individual cottages and houses were represented.

According to the head of the region, there are two main obstacles on the way in the development of low -rise housing construction, these are difficulties with the allocation of lands for citizens and with the receipt of loans for construction.

Officials do not want to provide citizens with land. And bankers are shaking over their money and do not want to give loans. We try to solve both of these problems. And it was already possible to reduce the deadline for obtaining a building permit to 120 days from 345. Ideally, you need to reduce this period to at least three months. Also, which is also very important, you need to get all the documents from the “one window”, thereby saving people from the need to go to the offices and requests for each official. In addition, we are developing the creation of the Development Corporation, thanks to which credit resources would be involved in order to create competition for the system of banks. In general, we are very confidently moving forward, says in. Pozglyov.

But, according to him, individual construction has good prospects. In only one Vologda district, more than 60% of housing are already being built as an individual. Over time, according to the Vologda authorities, this area should everywhere reach such indicators.