Review of designer handbags from world brands and how to distinguish them from fakes

Designer handbags are more than just accessories that complement your look. They are a symbol of luxury and style and have a high level of quality. However, designer handbags need to be chosen carefully, as there are many fakes on the market. Let’s look at the main signs that indicate that this is definitely an original accessory.

Logo and brand

The first sign of the authenticity of a designer handbag is the brand and logo. If we talk about fakes, company logos are often distorted or unreliable. They are radically different from the original parts. Please carefully check the fonts and branding on the accessory to ensure its authenticity.

Material quality level

For the manufacture of designer bags, only high-quality materials are used in practice. These are genuine leather, suede, cotton and much more. Counterfeits are made from cheap synthetics, which you can very easily identify by their pungent smell and texture. Inspect every detail very carefully, check every seam, as famous brands cannot afford to allow defects.

Production and labeling

High-quality designer handbags are complemented by a tag or label indicating the country of their production, serial number, and other characteristics. A counterfeit product has unreliable markings or is completely absent. Check their availability and make sure that each part meets the standards of the specific brand.

Construction and details

Designer handbags have a highly durable construction. The metal fittings are of high quality and securely fixed. Each seam is neat, there are no protruding threads. If we talk about fakes, you can find many shortcomings in them. You need to inspect every centimeter of the accessory to ensure its originality.

Cost and place of purchase

Don’t forget that a genuine designer handbag can’t be too cheap. If the price is low, then this indicates that this is a fake. Buy products only from authorized dealers or trusted stores to avoid disappointment in the future.

Now you know how to distinguish a genuine Hermes bag or bag from another brand. Carefully choose an accessory, because this is your opportunity to invest money in a high-quality and durable purchase. A designer bag will become a highlight and a successful completion of any look!