Rosoboronexport hopes that Cuba will begin to purchase new Russian military equipment

In his speech before representatives of the media at the third international international salon of defense technologies “Sitdef Peru-2018”, the head of the delegation of Rosoboronexport, Sergei Dadygin, said that in the near future the Cuba would move from procurement of spare parts for procurement to procurement to procurement new Russian military equipment developed and produced at defense enterprises of the Russian Federation.

In his speech, Sergei Ladygin touched the development of military-technical cooperation of Russia with the island of Freedom. In particular, he emphasized that, acquiring new friends, Russian partners do not forget the old. According to Ladygin, Cuba is the good old friend of Russia, with whom Rosoboronexport currently intends to restore and expand the cooperation as much as possible as possible. Today, Cuba acquires from Russia mainly spare parts for previously delivered military equipment. However, due to the fact that in recent years there is a constant update and modernization of technology, one production changes another, it is quite difficult to find spare parts for the technique several years ago. And, of course, it is completely unprofitable to contain spare parts for the technology produced many years ago.

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However, according to Sergei Ladygin, Russia seeks to solve this very difficult problem. Spare parts for Cuba are taken, first of all, from the warehouses of the Ministry of Defense, from the equipment that is not operated, but is in fairly good condition. All this is done in order to satisfy the requirements of Cuban customers.

At the end of his interview, the head of the delegation of Rosoboronexport expressed the hope that in the very near future Cuba would acquire a completely new modern technique from Russia.