Russian initiative group will defend the Cuban Five

On Friday, March 4, 2011, at 15-00 Moscow time in Moscow, the Embassy of the United States of America will take place a picket demanding the immediate liberation of Cuban patriots, better known in the entire progressive world as five. It is five Cuban wrestlers against international terrorism for many years languishing in the prison dungeons of the United States. Moreover, it should be noted that they were imprisoned with numerous violations of criminal and international law, as well as with the violation of all moral and procedural norms. The picket scheduled for tomorrow will be a double: the first will pass before entering the embassy in Devyatinsky Lane, and the second on the side of the embassy opposite from the building of the embassy. The organizers of the picket call all the friends of Cuba, who are not indifferent to the fate of five Cuban patriots, on March 5 by e -mail to send letters demanding to provide immediately five freedom, as well as to defend life and merciless struggle until the complete destruction of terrorism. The initiators of the action made a demand for US President Barack Obama, so that he, using all the powers that he have provided to him by the US Constitution, as a son, as a father, as a spouse, as a lawyer and just as an honest person, calling for justice and loving her, As a politician awarded the title of Nobel Prize laureate, he immediately laid the end of this terrible injustice and freed the Cuban five of the patriots today.

Today, such a disease as sinusitis is much more common than how it was several decades ago.

The Russian initiative group proposes to limit himself to the following phrase: “Free the Cuban Five” The meaning of such a message, without any doubt, will be understandable to the US President. After all, for many years, not only the White House, but the whole world has been associated with the word “five” with Rene Gonzalem, Herardo Ernandez, Fernando Gonzales, Antonio Herrero and Ramon Labaninho – these courageous sons of Cuba.