Russian school number 14 in Dushanbe turned into a mixed

“Almost 80 times over the past five years,” said Abduzhabbor Rakhmonov, “to conduct research in universities in the country’s universities, investments have increased. In 2001, this indicator was only 829 somoni, this year it amounted to 723.937 Somoni “.

During the reporting period of the first quarter, 32 names of books, curricula and methodological manuals in the amount of 182 were printed and sent to schools and teachers – 182.066 copies.

From February 5, a newly created control commission has been operating under the ministry. She checks educational, administrative buildings, vehicles of professional educational institutions and transfers them, in order to preserve, to the balance of the Ministry of Education.

During the first quarter for the construction of facilities of the Ministry of Education, the state allocated 9.5 million. Somoni.

One of the questions raised by journalists at the conference was the question of the wages of teachers of secondary schools. It has been increased from April 1, and the minimum salary is at least 60 somoni per month.

By the way, today there is an acute lack of teachers in the republic – about 10 thousand. Will such an increase in their number and desire to work at school increase!

The Minister expressed his discontent about the low level of education of students in secondary schools in the republic, conducting lessons, poor -quality work of teachers and school directors.

“If a student or student does not want to comply with the rules of the educational institution, will not wear the appropriate form, come to a school or a university by car and with mobile phones, will immediately be excluded from the educational institution,” he said.