Russian States Office (Wealth Management) in crisis.

In mid -October, Moscow was held organized by LBS International Conferences, 3rd annual Wealth Management in Russia, the largest Russian event in the field of private capital management. It was devoted to the problems of the work of companies, organizations and private specialists related to individual asset management, alternative investments and other areas of private capital service in the context of the financial crisis and the fall of markets.

The forum noted that the form of work of divisions of domestic banks and non -banking organizations serving the most wealthy customers is approaching such in the West. But at the same time, the behavior of the clients themselves also changes, which, however, does not surprisely, given the tendency to enlargement of wealthy Russians prevailing to the crisis period. And if the owners of the capital of the middle hand have a desire to increase assets, then very rich people are more likely to preserve them.

Issues were also discussed directly with private banking services in Russia and changes in its structure: the Russian specificity of the VIP clients, taking into account the problem of choosing between Private Banking and Private Wealth Management; tax aspects of ownership and asset management and legislative initiatives in this area and other.

Several relatively new investment directions for status customers, in particular agriculture. This was justified by the enduring demand for its products related to the increase in the population of the planet, the problems of sufficiency of products and fuel.

A noticeable place among the events raised was reserved for investment in various kinds of share funds – from ordinary to hedge funds. In particular, it is voiced that in the conditions of turbulence in the markets a reasonable solution is to invest in hedge funds, which allows to maintain the possibility of increased income, partly leveling due to diversification of investments, their risks.

A separate meeting spoke about the possibility of alternative investments in non -financial assets – gold, precious stones, art items, as well as international legal developments in the field of alternative investments and regulatory aspects in this area.