Sipri: no one refused nuclear weapons

Stockholm International Institute for Research of Peace Problems published data on the number of nuclear weapons. From annual data it is clear that no country plans to completely abandon it.

To date, nine countries own nuclear weapons. Among them are Russia, USA, China, India, Great Britain, France, Pakistan, North Korea and Israel. Russia and the United States account for about 93% of all nuclear weapons reserves. At the beginning of this year, according to Sipri, the number of nuclear weapons was more than 16 thousand. Last year it was about 17 thousand units. Experts noted that the reduction was observed only in Russia and the USA. International agreements lead to gradual disarmament. Sipri experts noted that the country’s nuclear weapons do not make sufficient efforts to completely get rid of nuclear weapons. On the contrary, these countries introduce new security measures related to weapons of mass destruction. As before, the presence of nuclear weapons is an important factor in the formation of international political relations. And although the number of nuclear weapons is reduced, not one of the countries wants to abandon it completely. On June 16, information on the number of nuclear weapons was provided. The data were published as part of the materials prepared for publication in the publication of Sipri Yearbook). This annual collection describes trends in the weapons sphere, and issues related to disarmament and world security are discussed.“The country’s nuclear weapons still make little effort to show the true readiness to work in the direction of complete dismantling their nuclear arsenals,” Syprah believes.

The publication will be fully released throughout the year, but Sipri experts published information in advance about the rating of countries that produce various types of weapons. In the materials released in January, March and April, the issue of trends in the field of sales of weapons and military costs was also affected.