Specialists of the GLEBOV translation center facilitated the task of collecting information about the Apostille

To facilitate the task of collecting grains of data about the press “Apostil”, the specialists of the GLEBOV translation center summarized the questions that arose from customers and compiled the legible and clear answers. The main plan is to clarify the issues of apostilization and the legalization of genuine papers in order to recognize them in another state.

Yes, despite the fact that with the approximation of heat, everyone goes to the sea, the employees of the Translation Center are suitable for hot times associated with the apostilization and legalization of all types of official legal documents. After all, it is apostilization and legalization that cause a significant number of issues in our citizens. Therefore, translators of the Glebov language bureau summarized the most “popular” issues and issued them in the likeness of summarizing notes about the apostille.

“They come to us quite often in order to make an apostille of documents. Let there are enough resources on this issue, it is difficult for a normal person to consider all the nuances and understand the very essence of the necessary legal acts, procedures and issues. Therefore, our experts were going to illuminate the most important issues of affixing the Apostille press who came to us from customers, ”says Yuri, the head of the translation center. – Since after apostilizing the paper it is necessary to translate and assure the first notarized, when rushing to the language center to obtain an apostil, you will significantly reduce the task of collecting permissions, giving this problem to tear the true masters. If there is an opportunity to put the “Apostille” stamp in the translation bureau, then why not use it ”.

First of all, publishing such an article on his website, the Kiev Translations Bureau sought to tell how the seal of the Apostille is used and why it is put, for which states and under what conditions the apostille is attached or the legalization is used. Also, the general principles explain the postulates of the Convention on the Apostille and the relevant agreements between our country and the rest of the republics, which are aimed at striking the process of legalizing personal documents. The memo is equally shown the use of double apostille, describes the features of the paperwork for obtaining a visa at the Embassy of Italy.

Subject to the use of apostilization on copies testified by the notary, the seal of the Apostille will attest to just the identity of the signature of the person who testified a copy of the originals. We draw your attention to the fact that the process of obtaining an apostille or the use of legalization is attested only by the originality of the signature of an employee who made a notarial copy of the original, and is not applied to the content of the documentation. The seal “Apostille” does not confirm that state institutions approve or support data in the source.