Textbooks should be affordable

“I believe that many textbooks need to be reviewed. They are difficult in language, ”Firuz Saidov, head of the social problems and labor market of the Center for Strategic Research under the President of the Republic of Tatarstan, told our correspondent. – In modern textbooks there are many incomprehensible words borrowed from Arabic, Persian, Dari’s language. Textbooks should be affordable. Some of their compilers blindly take many terms incomprehensible for our guys. We had a classic Tajik language Aini, Tursunzade, which was clear to everyone. Now the books are full of incomprehensible words. Even the President of the Republic of Tatarstan E. Rahmon, speaking of the problems of education, has repeatedly noted that textbooks should be understood by children. Therefore, when compiling them, it is necessary to remove all complex words “.

According to Saidov, all textbooks must be released in our republic, because they will be more submitted by control by the authors. Alteration of textbooks will cost cheaper. The release of textbooks in its republic will provide citizens with jobs, so it is unreasonable to send our resources to other countries. “I think that we have good specialists in the republic providing printing services,” he said.

Before printing books in large quantities, it is necessary to conduct a rating among students and ask their opinion. But for the textbook to work, he must go through a test within a certain time. It used to be done. There were experimental groups. It is no secret that some textbooks are now issued, regardless of the opinion and knowledge of students. “Such textbooks will not improve the quality of education,” said Firuz Saidov.