The capital of Poland

As you know, the capital of the Polish state is the city of Warsaw. It has been the center of politics and culture of the country since the 17th century. The city is located in the most central part of the state and is located on both banks of the Visla River.

Since ancient times, it has been an industrial and cultural center. This city is one of the most stopped cities throughout Central Europe. During the Second World War, the capital underwent great destruction. She was practically erased from the face of the earth.

However, the proud and strong Polish people, who did not break hardships and difficulties, managed to restore and practically raise his beloved city in just fifteen years. The whole country worked hard on its restoration.

Today, Warsaw is confident steps along the path of its development. This city managed to preserve and carry through decades its unique uniqueness and beauty. Warsaw Cathedral is a real alma – a mother for many outstanding Poles. Among the beautiful architectural buildings that are in Warsaw, the royal castle can be highlighted. He was the same as Warsaw was restored almost from the ruins.

Warsaw has very beautiful streets that form the famous royal tract. They connect the royal castle, the palace in Vilyanov and the Lazenkovsky Palace. Very beautiful and luxurious is in the city of Lazsevsky Park. It has a charming and beautiful “theater on the water”. He is surrounded by a delightful pond, with water lilies. In this park, in the summer, many different concerts are held, which are performed by famous pianists.

Warsaw is a modern European capital. And as in any capital, it has a huge number of a wide variety of spectacular events that may surprise more than one visitor. Various concerts, Revoy, music festivals are constantly held in the city. Valuable film festivals are very popular in Warsaw.

An annually in the capital is an international pianist competition, which has gained popularity around the world. Festivals of modern music are regularly arranged here.

There are many all kinds of various shops, fashionable clothing boutiques and shopping centers in the city. For lovers to eat deliciously, a large number of restaurants, cafes and bars work in which you can taste national delicacies, as well as order dishes from the kitchen of other European countries.