The city will become greener

The city resident is so often lacking nature, natural greenery, shadow of trees, rustling leaves in windy weather, a rustle of grass under his feet. In the spring, when everything blossoms, and the landscape outside the window is changing rapidly, the deficiency of this very urban nature is extremely acute. But in the spring the problem will begin to solve the problem, and on a grand scale. Back in the spring, planting trees and shrubs will begin. Only in May almost 10 thousand green “jewelry” should be planted, and in total, their number will reach twenty -four thousand.

The landscaping plan covers a long period, but they will begin to embody it now. The main attention at this stage should be paid to the creation of completely new green zones. First of all, they should appear near the roads and tracks. The first in terms of ecologists are roads of the first and highest category, and then all the other roads, including in the very center of the city. Such measures are necessary in the opinion of environmental protection experts. The chairman of the relevant committee clearly outlined the goal: at least 20 thousand shrubs and trees should be planted in a year. The same sections of roads are included in the plans for the so -called compensation landscaping. The green spaces in the city need to be closely monitored, carefully care for, and natural surprises almost everyone turns part of the green spaces into a dry valernik or into lying stripes. Such trees have to be cut down at least for security reasons, and their place must certainly take new.

A separate landscaping plan was created for city parks, squares and even for the courtyards of the city. Many institutions in the field of health and education should become more green. Residents of more than 500 Ulyanovsk courtyards will be able to see how new shrubs appear under their windows. In total, the number of such new stands should exceed 13 thousand, of which it is the most of them that will be the bushes, since they are most suitable for urban conditions.

Not only the usual poplars, birches and typical shrubs will appear in the city. There will also appear such interesting types of flora as thuja, junipers, ash. The landscape diversify bright mountain ash, always green larch, pine trees and pleasantly smelling linden. New shrubs will also appear: barberry, spirea, hawthorn, unusual jasmine, acacia and snow -haired, exotic Weigel, edible honeysuckle will delight the townspeople.