The Council of Deputies considered 16 issues

Payment for kindergarten services since January 2014 will rise in price, but slightly. The new tariff was approved on Wednesday at the next meeting of the Council of Deputies. Parliamentarians also adopted several targeted programs in the field of healthcare, housing utilities and other social industries.

At this meeting of the speakers there were no less than the deputies themselves. But this is not surprising, because there are about 16 questions on the agenda in a variety of areas. The draft decision “On approval of the norm and betting betting by parents of the maintenance of children in municipal institutions” in the first five. From January 1, parents will pay per month for a place in kindergarten more on average from 100 to 300 rubles, depending on the category.

“The justification of the need to adopt this act is as follows: due to the increase in the wages of teachers, increasing utility tariffs, food prices, medicines, increasing the cost of insurance and disinsection services, garbage washing, and maintenance of buildings and engineering systems of institutions , buttons of “anxiety alarm and t. P.”, – explained to the deputies on the Council of the Deputy. Heads of Education Yakunin G. AT.

Kids of kindergartens, disabled parents who have a disability, will go to kindergarten for free. This is the right in children under guardianship; children with disabilities and children with tuberculosis intoxication.

For this decision, parliamentarians voted unanimously. Also at the meeting, they made changes to the “Municipal target program“ Providing the housing of young families in g. Dolgoprudny for 2014.”, A square meter has risen in price, examined the program from healthcare and housing and communal services.