The Cuba will take place on the International Day of Remembrance and Support of Victims torture

Today, the International Committee for the Liberation of the Five and the United Nations Association hold an international memory and support of victims of torture of cube patriots languishing in the prison dungeons of the United States of America. The meeting that will be held today in the Cuban capital, and on which relatives of fighters against terrorism, experts and specialists in the case of patriots will be present, will be devoted to the struggle for the liberation of the five. Recall that five Cubans: Antonio Herrero, Rene Gonzalez, Gerardo Ernandes, Fernando Gonzalez and Ramon Labanino, who are better known as the “Five” at the international level, have been undeservedly serving long time in the United States of the United States of America. Cubans were arrested in Florida back in September 1998, during the monitoring of Antikubin groups.

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Patriots tried to prevent the counter -revolutionary groups based in Miami, but they themselves were arrested by the American authorities. For half a century, the Cuban people suffer from numerous shares directed against the island of Liberty, which are developed on American territory. As a result of these shares, more than three and a half thousand people died, and about two thousand received various injuries and injuries. The five Cuban heroes with a biased American court were sentenced to a long time of imprisonment, two of which lifelong life. Without a doubt, the “five” case was clearly falsified, has a political bias and, in addition, it was carried out in violation of not only the legislation of the United States of America, but also international law.