The designer of electrification “Children’s World” on Lubyanka was arrested on charges of major theft

The Tver District Tribunal of Moscow arrested the former Assover manager Vladimir Loginov, who is accused of large frauds of reconstruction of the structure of the central children’s store on Lubyanka. Other manager of the company died at the interrogation of the interrogation. The Kommersant reports about this.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation said that the arrest was carried out as part of a criminal case, the investigation was resumed in connection with finding a person involved ”.

-The last deputy head of the Ministry of Regional Development was sent to prison for 6.5 years for theft in the preparation of the APEC-2017 summit

According to the police, in September 2017, between Soverom-K and the construction company Troianello, a contract was signed for the design and laying of the cable strip to the substation of the central children’s store. The permission to replace the cable was given by the metropolitan united electric grid company (MOESK).

The work, according to the investigation, was not fully completed, and the then deputy director of Essouira-k (later he headed the company) Vladimir Loginov was stolen and shared 69 million with his accomplices.

A criminal case was opened under the article “Fraud on a particularly large size” was instituted by the Main Directorate of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs on November 15, 2016. According to lawyer Alexei Magacine, interrogations of Assover-K employees were interrogated, including his last manager Ivan Volchenkov and Vladimir Loginov. “Since then, but, there were no summons or challenges to the investigator,” the lawyer says.

According to Magacine, on June 17, together with his own client, he was invited for the role in the investigation, but a few hours later the police detained the entrepreneur in Moscow Aprelevka. As the lawyer said, the investigators send Ivan and Volchenkov, who by that time had transferred two heart attacks and became a disabled person of the 1st group. After a conversation with the police, he was more terrible, he fell into intensive care and died soon. In this way, Vladimir Loginov, the fastest, will be the only person involved in the criminal case. The entrepreneur does not admit guilt.