The Federal Tax Service of Bashkiria started a virtual book of complaints

Every year the Internet is more and more actively entering our lives, offering new and new services, becoming the main source of information and a feedback means. Keeping up with the times, public services also open their sites, present various useful and convenient virtual services. The Office of the Federal Tax Service for the Republic of Bashkortostan is not behind in this sense.

On its website, the agency not only provides information regarding the tax sphere, but also tries to do everything possible for transparency and improving the quality of the organization and its units. To meet the planned level and have an idea of ​​the needs and problems of citizens, recently the Office of the Federal Tax Service of Russia in the Republic of Bashkortostan on its website has launched a new service called “Pity Book”. As it is already understood by the name, the appointment of a service is the acceptance of citizens who have claims of a business nature to the work of the tax service or specifically to any of the employees of the organization. Service for placing, receiving and considering calls is provided absolutely free.

The procedure for the publication of the appeal is as follows: having selected the desired section (in this case, the “Mubber Book”), to state claims, indicating the name of the specific territorial governing body and the essence of the tax dispute. The claimed claim will be considered for the minimum period of time by specialists of the pre -trial audit unit, whose duties include independent consideration of tax disputes and the implementation of the quality of the work of the tax authorities through messages and statements of taxpayers.

Representatives of the Federal Tax Service of the Republic of Belarus themselves assure that any appeal will be carefully studied in the shortest possible time, and subsequently all possible measures to resolve the situation will be carried out, in addition, the issue of canceling decisions, decisions, and the requirements of the tax authority will be considered. Responsible for the functioning of the described service, employees are invited to constant monitoring of the activities of inspections on tax disputes resolving. This is a guarantee that all actions will be legitimate and transparent. Another advantage of the new service is a significant saving of time, because only minutes will take the posting of circulation.