The French president was asked to begin the sale of strategic fuel reserves

The Agency “Agency France-Presse” reports that French companies engaged in the sale of fuel called the French authorities to enter the world market with the strategic reserve in the country.

They substantiated this initiative by the fact that in France, due to the ongoing large-scale strike, most of the plants engaged in oil refining significantly reduced or completely stopped the production of fuel.

So the traders said that each of them has an average of approximately ten days of the main fuel type. Specifically, the circulation says that they (companies) ask them to start selling available reserves that are at their disposal of their distributors in order to be able to maintain constant and uninterrupted supplies to customers, even after the expiration of a ten -day period.

In France, strategic reserves make up about seventeen million tons of crude oil and oil products. The bulk of the available reserves is located on the bases belonging to the state. Nevertheless, five million tons are at the disposal of private oil depots, but private traders can use the stored fuel only if the French authorities are permitted.

In total, the country’s strategic reserve of petroleum products will be enough for ninety -eight days of regular supply of customers.

So it was previously reported that many French oil refining plants involuntarily had to reduce the volume of products they manufactured due to the Marcelian strike of port workers. Note that it is through the port of this city that the bulk of imported oil enters France.

In conclusion, we recall that in France, large -scale strikes are held throughout the last month. The reason for the protest was the requirements addressed to Nicolas Sarkozy, in which the residents of the country urge the French president to abandon the planned improvement of the retirement age in the government.