The German authorities increased the expenses of PR companies to convince citizens of saving.

The Gosbujet Reducing Program, carried out by the Government of the Chancellor of Germany Angel Merkel, requested additional advertising expenses. Seeing the public in the need to tighten the belts, the leading ministries increase the budgets of 35-45 percent to the PRs of the order, as RBC Daily transmitted.

The Government of Germany in the first decade of June officially published a plan of large -scale savings, according to which by 2014. Gosrafers must be reduced by eighty billion euros, recalls the publication. The Germans are going to save on social sphere programs and on the maintenance of the state apparatus. According to Frankfurter Allgemeine, in 2010. an increase in the PR expenses for all ministries has passed. The ministry of labor became the leader, since its budget under this article is 13.2 million euros, which is 45 percent more than last year. But the smallest PR budget for the Ministry of Justice is about 9.1 million. PR managers in financial and transport departments increased their expenses by only 42 and 45 percent, respectively.

The Ministry of Labor explains that the increase in advertising costs this year is caused by the mandatory explanatory work of the planned reduction in social expenses. The allocated money was spent on the publication of various brochures and posters to support websites, to finance telephone services and work with the public population. With all the reduction of the state budget, the Ministry of Labor could save about 30 billion in three years. euro, in fact, half of the total amount, which is planned to facilitate the expenditure part of the budget.

On the explanations of Peter Grottian Professor from Berlin Free University, the increase in expenses for various advertising does not contradict the general direction in saving funds. Any minister will decide where to reduce, where to increase expenses if another is not provided for by the framework of the government program. “. He believes that advertising is needed to explain to the public the need for measures by the government.