The head of the Cuban parliament is confident in the innocence of the participants of the Cuban five

During one of his recent speeches, Ricardo Alaron, who was president of the Cuban parliament, once again stated that members of the notorious Cuban five, who have been in the United States of America for eleven years, are not guilty of anything, and therefore they are certainly necessary Free. Recall that last Tuesday Ricardo Alarcon was invited to participate in the body – and the Round Table radio program. This time, specialists discussed the new verdicts of two Cuban anti -terrorism fighters Fernando Gonzalez and Ramon Labanino. In addition to them, the five includes Rene Gonzalez, Herardo Ernandes and Antonio Herrero. During the television program, Alarkon explained that as a result of the last court hearing in this case, judge Joan Lenarld decided to reduce the deadlines for two participants in five. So, Ramon was replaced by life imprisonment with a thirty-year term, and Fernando, instead of 19 years, will have to spend 17 years and 9 months behind bars. However, according to the head of the Cuban legislators, and these “softened” verdicts are still unfair. After all, innocent people should not be in places of conclusion of freedom for a minute. In addition, Alarcona emphasized that last year the eleventh appeal of the Atlanta Court of Appeal also recognized the charges against the participants of the five extremely unfair. It is worth recalling that the same court on October 13 of this year revised the verdict in the case of Antonio Herrero. As a result, life imprisonment, coupled with 10 years after death, was replaced by 21 years and ten months in prison.