The main functional duties of a customs representative in Domodedovo and Sheremetyevo

To date, the lives of countries are not limited to their territorial limits. For all states, all areas of external activity are open, so the company regularly uses airline services. You need to know that baggage transportation provides strict requirements.

Large metropolitan airports, Sheremetyevo, for example, are serving thousands of passengers daily. Such passenger traffic requires clear and structured terminals. Air transportation is presented for passengers a number of requirements that they should know to avoid trouble when registering baggage.

Consulting all issues related to baggage declaration can advise a customs representative in Domodedovo and Sheremetyevo. He acts as a transitional step from the sender of baggage to the recipient, as well as representatives of the state level, whose competence includes customs clearance.

To quickly resolve issues on the design of transportation in airports, customs brokers work in airports. It helps to ensure fast and quality service of passengers and should be in the regime zone. For this, representatives in Sheremetyevo are issued special gaps that allow you to be in each of all regime zones existing in the terminal.

The responsibilities of the brokerage representative in Sheremetyevo:

– Registration of goods that are subject to air transportation.

– Presentation of the customs organization of all documentation, and, if necessary, additional information about a particular product.

– Presentation of the goods themselves that will be transported through Sheremetyevo Airport.

– Also, the customs in Sheremetyevo is responsible for the implementation of other actions to declare cargo transportation and diagnosis of the customs process.

Additional brokerage services at Sheremetyevo Airport.

Broker activities also provide for other additional services for their customers. In particular, you can turn to the customs representative in Sheremetyevo for help in the rationalization of their own material means. Experts will calculate how much costs will go to customs services that you will use (price and terms of transportation, storage, customs clearance in Sheremetyevo, etc.).

You must take into account that international transportation of goods is carried out according to the strict rules of external aerial traffic. For each category of goods, there is its own number (code), in transport documents each category of goods must correspond to international code. According to standards, codes change every five years. It is quite difficult to track whether the code has changed recently, and it is quite difficult to correlate it with a certain product, the brokerage representative of Sheremetyevo will help to understand this.

Advantages of cooperation by customs representatives in Sheremetyevo.

– Only reliable companies that are included in the state register work on the territory of Sheremetyevo. Therefore, turning for services to specialists, you can be sure that they are functioning legally, and you will not be deceived.

– The maximum level of professionalism. Customs representatives in Sheremetyevo will quickly and efficiently carry out all operations related to the registration of goods, and will also help in solving other problems that are included in their competence.

– In Sheremetyevo, brokerage services offer several companies, so the client can choose representatives of the most suitable cost and functional duties. It is worth noting that all representatives offer an affordable price for the services provided.

If you use the services of air transportation through Sheremetyevo, then you do not have to study the internal features of the airport, a broker company will do this for you. Representatives will help to draw up all the necessary documentation, taking into account state legislation and the specifics of the activities of customs Sheremetyevo. Cooperation with brokerage representatives of Sheremetyevo guarantees the correct declaration of goods and avoiding organizational misunderstandings in the process of transportation.