The middle class in our country will disappear?

Natalia Korolevskaya, head of the Committee of the BP, engaged in entrepreneurship, regulatory and industrial policy, said: after 3-4 years, the middle class will cease to exist in the Ukrainian state if the same pace of lifting consumers will be preserved.

She claims: as a rule, inflation growth speaks of lifting the economy. In the Ukrainian state, inflation slows down the economic rise in huge rates on loans and lack of loans in the national economy. According to Natalya Korolevskaya, the resumption of high inflation is a greater threat than the situation in which the dynamics of economic growth will weaken. This specialist called the biggest risk.

The increase in the size of pensions and salaries does not have time behind the rate of increase in consumer prices. Therefore, the poor turn into even more poor, and those who were called the middle class before, gradually slide to the poverty line.

Nevertheless, Ukrainians continue to give preference to exclusive goods, buying unusual mobile phones, branded things, choosing class services VIP. Moreover, this applies not only to wealthy Ukrainians, but also by the so -called “middle class”. At the risk of staying incomprehensible, I would like to ask a question – whether our own habits stimulate the growth of inflation? Demand creates supply. As well as certain consequences of these processes.

The inflation of the feeding of food products was very significantly forced, prices for some commodity positions were higher than 60%. As a result, in terms of inflation, the Ukrainian state has found today in a leading place among the states of Eastern Europe and the CIS.