The ministers will be able to find a job in business, this is the opinion of the State Employment Center

Breach with a drop in real estate prices now it’s time to think about buying an apartment. The site will help you with this, the specialization of which is the sale of apartments in the Pechersky district of Kyiv. The Cabinet of Ministers decided to reduce the staff of civil servants by 30%. Work as a TOP-managers of solid companies proposed at a press conference, the director of the State Employment Center of Ukraine Volodymyr Galitsky, who was dismissed during the reduction of ministers. The state official considers ministers to be good organizers, which any serious company will want to see managers in their ranks in their ranks.

Galitsky suggested that during the reform of the administrative apparatus, the young personnel would remain without work and promised supported officials to support from his department. According to the director, the salary of top managers of large companies is 50 thousand hryvnias.

During the reduction in the staff conducted by President Viktor Yanukovych, 10 of the ministries remained and out of 21 departments – 15. From among the subjected reorganization of departments – 9 are again created, 5 – abolished, 2 – changed their name. Konstantin Efimenko, 35 years old, Dmitry Kolesnikov, was 38 years old, he was 38 years old, was fired from his post of Minister of Industrial Policy. They lost their posts in the same way: Vasily Nadrag, who served as the Minister of Labor, he was 52 years old, Ravil Safiullin, he was 55 years old, served as Minister of Family, Youth and Sports. Anatoly Tolstoukhov, he was 54 years old, lost the post of Minister of the Cabinet of Ministers, Yuri Khivrich, he was 61 years old, lost the post of minister on housing and communal services. Vladimir Yatsuba was fired, 63 years old, who served as Minister of Regional Development and Construction, as well as Yuri Yashchenko, he was 57 years old, who served as Minister of Coal Industry.

Efimenko will presumably receive the post of First Deputy Minister of Infrastructure. The government intends to petition the president of the country about this.