The National Bank warns the residents of Ufa from rash deposits

More recently, the “hot line” of the National Bank of Baskkortostan was attacked by residents of Ufa calls. The reason for this was the tempting proposal of the new company to receive deposits of individuals under 25% per annum. This interest rate was offered for a two -month deposit in the amount of 10 thousand rubles. Announcements with the described information were pasted throughout the city, attracting people with generous promises. It is quite natural that many wanted to find out its reliability.

The answer to the restless questions of the Ufa residents was the clarification by the specialists of the department for public relations and the information of the National Bank of the reliability of the proposal and the legality of the actions of the company itself, which initiates it. Having made a call on the number indicated in the advertisement, the National Bank asked the question of whether deposits were insured. The answer was an affirmative with reference to state insurance. But this cannot be true, since only credit and banking structures are participants in deposit insurance, and the feature company does not belong to their number. The head of the Department of Affairs of the National Bank of Bashkortostan Shamil Aminov comments on the situation: “In the National Bank, you can find out exactly whether this or that organization is credit, is it a bank. In this case, there are no, but, therefore, the conditions of the state deposit insurance system that guarantees the return of deposits in the amount of up to 700 thousand rubles does not apply to it. 25% is a very high profitability, which significantly exceeds the rates for bank deposits, today they are usually equal to no more than 10 percent of the annual ones ”. It is also alarming that the company offering such high rates on deposits does not mention the possibility of risks. On the contrary, her employees confidently promise a hundred percent positive result. But the risks in this particular situation are clearly much more large than profitability. The fact that the population turned for information to the National Bank, before performing any actions, can only please. This is a vivid evidence that the level of financial education of people is growing, they are no longer in a hurry to invest in dubious enterprises, more trust large financial structures, and actively interact with them. If such a trend is preserved, then scammers simply have no chance of success.