The pace of the second half of the year is set

A meeting of the Presidium of the Government of Bashkortostan, led by Rustem Hamitov, was held. On the agenda – the results of the development of the republic in the main directions for the first half of 2018. This is a completely indicative time period that allows you to determine the level of performing paramount tasks, the percentage of achievements, the presence and cause of flaws. The Prime Minister of the Bashkortostan Government Anvar Makhmutov devoted his report to evaluate the current socio-economic state of the republic. He noticed that it is still under some influence of the crisis and that the situation is complicated by last year’s drought.

At the same time, the republic still managed to achieve an average (on a all -Russian scale) indicator of the gross regional product – 104%. And the growth rate of business activity in industrial production even exceed the average in the country – 109.7%. The turnover in all economic areas crossed for 1.2 trillion rubles. Only four types of activities are behind last year’s indicators. One of the factors positively affecting the increase in economic indicators is to expand export volumes. Outwardly, market trade amounted to $ 6.1 billion (124%). The leading position is also occupied by the volume of innovative products, which increased 1.6 times, which amounted to 24 billion rubles. Deputy Prime Minister of the Government of Bashkortostan Anvar Makhmutov, analyzing the ways of developing the economy, emphasized the importance of increasing the production of final consumption goods (non-resident sector), today it is only 17%. Profit from medium and large enterprises brought the republic to the first place in the country – 70 billion rubles (22.6%).

Investment and construction spheres are lagging behind last year, but do not cross the threshold of falling. Since this is the main resource of capital growth, the authorities of the republic are developing a system of favorable conditions for attracting new investors. In this area, it is supposed to achieve an increase in the level to 103.5%. In progress, with costs in the amount of over 15 billion rubles, is a sad example of unprofitable budget capital investments. It’s no better to master finance on the republican targeted investment program. As for the forecasts for changing the indicators of the socio-economic development of the republic during the second half of the year, their estimated growth should be at least 107.5%.