The salaries of some Bashkirs are lower than the minimum

Relations between the employee and the employer in terms of wages are always one of the current topics. Recently, in Bashkortostan, the State Labor Inspectorate conducted a number of inspections, as a result of which it turned out that many employers do not comply with the assigned minimums when calculating wages.

So, since January 2011, a new border of the minimum wage has been approved in the republic. In accordance with the contract signed by the parties to social partnership, it has 5500 rubles. In addition, from the first day of April 2012, new tariff rates began to operate for the first category of most working professions. Plus, in Bashkortostan from 2012 to 2015, a program has been performed aimed at improving the living standards of citizens.

Here are some enterprises where, during the inspections, state inspectors recorded the issuance of wages, which turned out to be lower than the required minimum: LLC City Kamya, Know Bashkir Economic and Legal Technical Technical Technical University, LLC LIA, Center Protection, Yuzhno-Uralsky Branch of CJSC “Trade House” Conductive House, as well as the Ufa enterprise of PKF BIK LLC.

At several enterprises, employees of the State Inspectorate also established the facts of other violations regarding wages. For example, in the organization of Belebeyevsky Vodokanal LLC, checking the collective labor agreement, the inspector revealed that the amount of guaranteed wages does not exceed 3,500 rubles. This norm is much lower than those indicated by law in the republic now and are indicated in the minimum wage. The enterprise of Vinka CJSC was sent an order in accordance with which the organization should be fixed in its regulatory documents the procedure for conducting an indexation of salaries regarding increasing prices for goods and maintenance. As a result of the indexation of wages at the enterprise LLC BashstroyTrans, which was carried out after the instructions of the inspection, the company’s personnel additionally paid more than a million rubles.

For non -compliance with the established conditions, to 15 employers, penalties were applied, their size amounted to 34, 5 thousand rubles. The head of Trio LLC, Techcokonsulting LLC, Enikeevo LLC, as well as private entrepreneurs from a number of regions of the republic were on the shameful list.

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