The traditional march of torches is dedicated to the 158th birthday of Jose Marty

On January 28, thousands of young Cubans, led by the country’s vice-president Jose Ramon Machado Ventura, reached the already traditional march of torches dedicated to the 158th birthday of one of the most revered national heroes of Cuba-Jose Marty.

A solemn procession began with the steps of Hawaiian University, and ended in the central park of the capital.

Jose Ramono Machado Ventura immediately after the procession laid a wreath to the monument of the Cuban national hero, which is located on the central square of Havana.

The wreath’s laying ceremony was attended by the faces of Machado, Lyudmila Alamo, the first secretary of communist youth and the president of the University of Students, Maidel Gomez.

In her brief performance, before the students gathered on the march, Maidel Gomez especially noted that it was Jose Marty who can be identified with a powerful tree rod, which the entire Kubinsky people hold. For all progressive mankind, its uncomfortable spirit of humanity, truthfulness and fantastic decency, and so far serves as an example to follow.

The 2011 torch procession was also timed to confined to the half -century anniversary of the victory for Plai Hyron. It was on the January days that exactly 50 years ago, the socialist nature of the Cuban Revolution was proclaimed and approved.

Maydel Gomez emphasized the huge responsibility, which is entrusted to the current young generation of Cubans in preserving socialist ideals. It is the youth of the island of Freedom that the main place has been allocated in the struggle for the liberation of the five Cuban patriots, who have been prisoners of American prisons since 1998 to the present. The authorities of the United States of America accuse them of preventing the preparatory terrorist attacks against Cuba.

The tour of the torches has already become a traditional march in Cuba annually, starting in 1953. The solemn procession of this year ended with a concert of the popular youth group Buena Fe.