The UN warned about the possibility of a serious food crisis

The Financial Times reports that the so -called “price shock” threatens the world economy, which will spread to food and then, most likely, to result in a serious food crisis. This conclusion was reached in FAO (agricultural and food organization) at the UN. The corresponding statement was made after the FAO agricultural goods index of agricultural goods rose in December last year, thus exceeding the level of four and three years ago – then the experts recorded the food crisis all over the world. In those years, “hungry” riots were held in thirty poor countries.

According to Abdolzov Abbasyan, the “FAO” living economist in Rome, it would be unreasonable to assume that prices will not increase further. He also added that today in many actively developing countries, including India and China, inflation is one of the most important political and economic problems. Prices are a potential problem in some developed countries, including the UK and the rest of the eurozone.

At the same time, FAO emphasizes that the growth of the index of agricultural goods mainly occurs due to sugar, corn, meat and oil. For the poorest countries, these goods are not as important as, for example, the same rice, the cost of which since 2008 has almost doubled and today on average is 535 American dollars per ton. The imitation of cars such as Skoda Fabia also does not matter to them, since these are not of first necessity products.

Last year, according to preliminary data in the Russian Federation, inflation amounted to 8.7 percent, thus, updating the historical minimum. It is also worth noting that in this case the main jump in prices came precisely on the food segment. For example, buckwheat in the Russian Federation rose almost three times, and potatoes and cabbage – almost twice. The main reason for such a strong increase in prices became caused by drought crop failure.