The Votum of Trust Silvio Berlusconi provoked mass riots

The Agency “Agency France-Presse” reports that at least ninety people were injured in Rome in Rome in Rome in Rome in Rome as a result of demonstrators with the police.

The reason for the riots was the news that the Italian parliament refused to endure the vote of Dorrotion Silvio Berlusconi, the Prime Minister of this country. On December fourteenth in the Chamber of Deputies, the government supported three hundred and fourteen people, and three hundred eleven opposed. In the Senate, for the prime minister of Italy, one hundred and sixty -two votes of three hundred eight were filed.

According to the data provided by the police, more than half of all victims are police officers. It is also reported that as a result of the riots, forty -one participants were arrested, and twenty -two were sent to hospitals with injuries of varying severity.

The people showing protest on whose heads were wearing motorcycle helmets and ski masks shouted “Shame!”And threw stones at police stones, paint containers and smoke bombs. As a result of these actions, several cars were set on fire, including a garbage truck and a police van. The news agency also notes that mainly events developed in the central part of Rome, where at that time there were many tourists frightened by such actions.

So the organizers of the protest held in Rome said that more than one hundred thousand people took part in the past demonstration. According to the mayor of the capital – Gianni Alemanno of such riots in the city has not been since the seventies of the last century. Unrest passed in some other Italian cities, including Genoa, Bari, Naples and Turin.

It is worth noting that parliamentarians are not the first time trying to endure Berlusconi Votum no confidence. So in September he was supported by three hundred and two members of the Chamber of Deputies of six hundred and thirty. His opponents accuse the Prime Minister of the inability to bring Italy out of the economic crisis, as well as in his participation in sexual and corruption scandals.