This week three more Cuban opposition will go to Spain

At the beginning of this week, it became known that literally a few days later, three Cuban political prisoners who were not among the 75 oppositionists who were detained in 2003 will go to Spain. This was reported by the wife of one of the prisoners. The “lucky ones” were 41-year-old Rolando Jimenez, 46-year-old Arturo Suarez and 61-year-old Siro Perez. Recall that Jimenez is the only one of this three political prisoners whom the organization of Amnesty International recognized as a “prisoner of conscience”. According to the wife of Jimenez, currently all three dissidents are in custody in Combinado del Este – a prison, where the government has been contained before being sent from the country. And today the only thing that holds them on the territory of the island state is the lack of free places on the flights of Havana -Madrid. As for the wives of political prisoners, they wait for their husbands in a special rest house located under the Ministry of the Interior.

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It is worth noting that all three Cubans were supposed to be carried out behind bars from 12 to 30 years old on charges of crimes such as piracy, illegal storage and ownership of weapons, espionage and illegal departure from the country. All of them are among the so -called first dissidents, which means that they are not among the 75 detained by the so -called “black spring” and liberated by the Cuban authorities at the beginning of this summer. Representatives of the Cuban Catholic Church were announced about their liberation only a week ago. Recall that in July this year, the Cuban authorities still decided to free 52 Cuban oppositionists. This happened with the direct participation of the Cuban Catholic Church and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Spain. To date, about 40 of them have already gained such a desired freedom and moved with their families to Madrid with their families.