Two kittens blocked the movement in the subway

Two kittens, being on the tracks in the Metro of New York, without suspecting it, became the culprits of the stop there for an hour and a half there. To conduct a rescue operation, two lines had to be paralyzed.

Everything happened on Thursday morning, and it began with the police who stated that she had lost two of her favorite pets in the subway in the subway. The searches of kittens took many hours, but they were crowned with success: they were found on the tracks located between the stations. The kids calmly walked next to the rails, which, as you know, are always energized.

The metro management decided to turn off two lines for a while from the current: in and Q to conduct a rescue operation. As a result, there was no movement in both directions between the Dekalb Avenue and Brighton Beach stations for one and a half. After the kittens are discovered, the subway workers together with the police took the kittens from a dangerous place and handed them over to the owner.

During the search work, the drivers were warned to move very carefully in the tunnels so as not to frighten off the pets. If the latter detection, the driver had to stop and immediately inform the Movement Management Center about their find. The situation was somewhat complicated by the fact that some passengers constantly offered their help, but for security purposes, the leadership of the subway did not use it.

There were also passengers who showed extreme dissatisfaction with the fact that the movement was stopped due to kittens. However, the blocking of the subway was performed according to the rules of work of the New York subway: the movement of trains should be stopped if there are extraneous objects on the tracks.