Ukrainian refugees provided work in the Russian regions

Ukrainian refugees help to solve the personnel issues of Russian regions. For example, in small villages and towns, they occupy vacancies of doctors for which there were no candidates for years. A group of Lugansk doctors was hired in Tatarstan. A small hospital was replenished with new resuscitationologists, therapists and an ophthalmologist surgeon.

Pavel Gneushev already forgot how to work in the operating room, when shells do not explode on the street. In the hospital of Lugansk, he worked until the last. I had to work there for days, since the clinic was crowded, and the doctors could not cope with the number of wounded. A pregnant wife awaited him at this time at this time. Soon they decided that the child should be born in a peaceful country. Meanwhile, finding a job is not difficult and in Ukraine. So, many specialized sites, including HH. UA/, they offer everyone very good vacancies with decent wages and a flexible work schedule. The decision to move was made when there was not life, but existence, lying on the floor in the apartment, when shells exploded outside the window. So describes the events Pavel Gneushev – an anesthetist -resuscitator of the district hospital. At first they wanted to go to Sakhalin, since Paul himself was born in the Far East. But, one day on a social network, the head doctor of one of the Mamadshi hospitals offered him a job in Tatarstan. This clinic constantly needed specialists. Half of the doctors of the retirement age, and the young people have not yet the right experience. On the Internet, they discussed all the points, and now 5 Ukrainian specialists are working in Tatarstan. One of the first to come to Mamadsh Ekaterina Fedorova – doctor otolaryngologist. According to her, it is already impossible to work in the Ukrainian clinic. Ukrainian doctors helped in the execution of all documents. Now they are paired with doctors from Tatarstan. In Russia, Ukrainian diplomas are valid, it will only have to be confirmed by qualifications. The hospital provided housing for five Ukrainian families, and doctors pay only utility bills.