Ukrainians-Legionnaires. Germany. Part is fourth

Alexander Voloshin, 44 years old, defender, Oldenburg, Busonliga 2

Played in the teams of the lower German divisions. He played six seasons in Oldenburg, but mainly in the lower leagues. In the only season of the team in the second Bundesliga in the 96/97 season, he played 16 matches. Oldenburg took the last place and flew out.

Alexander Grebenozhko, 36 years old, striker, Borussia Menhengladbach, 2 Bundesliga

He began his career in the Kyiv Obolon, but at a young age he moved to the second Belgian division. He was not a salary, and even then the famous football agent Andrei Golovash invited him to join Borussia, which was then an outsider of Bundesliga. At that time in the team the efforts of the same Golovash gathered a real Ukrainian diaspora from seven players. All of them were constant players of the double, but only Grebenozhko and his permanent room in the room Andrei Voronin lit up in the mature German football. And it’s hard to say “lit up” about the player who only went to replace four times. This happened already in the second Bundesliga for Borussia. Managed to get a yellow card. After that he moved to lower German leagues, then returned to Ukraine, where he played for Obolon and Volyn. Also performed in the second Russian division. Now he finished his career.

Alexey Kurilenko, 40 years old, defender, supporting midfielder, Energy Cottbus, 2 Bundesliga

The pupil of the Dnipro managed to play for Krivbass and the Zaporizhzhya Torpedo, but after the latter began to fall apart, he moved to Energic, where they gathered a peculiar International of Eastern Europe. At first I did not fall into the basis, but in the second half of the season I got used to it and became a player in the starting lineup, playing 12 matches and receiving two yellow cards. His team took 11th place. In the 1999/2000 season, I lost its place in the composition, playing only 3 matches and receiving one yellow card. In that season, Enerus won a place in the Bundesliga. But Kurilenko did not have a chance to play there. He moved to the team of one of the lower divisions, and in these divisions and ended his career.