Visa to Greece in the shortest time only.

Citizens of Russia can visit most foreign countries, only having a visa that is appropriate to the country’s chosen country. This document is a kind of resolution for stay in a particular state for a certain period of time. The visa usually records a period in which the time is possible to enter and the last exit, as well as the number of entrances and the approximate length of stay. The visa is issued before they decide to go to a foreign state in his consulate, located on Russian territory, and are glued directly into the passport. However, it is not recommended to carry out this procedure yourself, since it will take you quite a lot of time. For example, if you urgently need a France visa, then you should contact a specialized company. One of the best in this area is a visa center called “Visa Moscow”, which carries out courier and consulting services for visas for citizens not only the Russian Federation, but also the CIS countries, which constantly and legally live in Russia.

If you need to visit the European state that is included in the list of countries of the Schengen agreement, then in this case you will need to issue a Schengen visa – this is a unified visa for short -term trips. That is, the visa you received to Greece of the Schengen type will give the right to visit other European countries that issue such visas.

This visa makes it possible to stay on the territory of the states of the Schengen agreement with the following purposes: the implementation of business meetings, tourism, visiting relatives or friends, holding conferences, and so on. Owners of Schengen visas do not have the right to work in these countries.