Vladimir Zhirinovsky: A fraudster is forever, he cannot be released according to an amnesty

A project on an economic amnesty was included in the State Duma, which will be considered presumably July 2. An assumption was made to declare an amnesty entrepreneurs who were convicted under Article 27 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation and those who were not previously condemned. Vladimir Zhirinovsky, who is the leader of the LDPR, made a statement on the air of one of the television channels that his faction would not support this proposal.

Zhirinovsky said that they did not intend to maintain such an amnesty at this stage. According to the politician, many citizens will be very dissatisfied with the fact that people who deceive them will be released and profitable at their expense. That is why the deputy considers unacceptable amnesty for scammers. The LDPR leader said fraud is the most dangerous type of crime that cannot be rid of. According to him, the thief can abandon his craft, and the culprit of the accident is unlikely to get behind the wheel, but fraud is a diagnosis for life. Zhirinovsky believes that it is better to release children who have done something not very serious in inability and infancy, or elderly criminals who “barely breathe” so that they die at home, or pregnant women. But according to the economic amnesty, people who “should continue to be planted in packs” can be released “.Vladimir Volfovich proposed an amendment to this bill. According to his opinion, one can allow such criminals to go free only with the condition of moving to the Far East to permanent residence. However, Zhirinovsky admits the existence of a number of crimes for which it can be liberated according to the economic amnesty. But, in any case, those who deceive people bankruptly bankrupt them should remain in prison, and whose actions broke lives to people. The LDPR leader also noted that the number of amnested criminals must be reduced from ten to five thousand. He also assured that those who are not going to compensate people for damage will remain behind bars, despite the amnesty.