What are prp tubes for plasma lifting and their advantages

Plasmolifting helps to fight wrinkles, reduces acne marks and enlarged pores, improves skin color, improves firmness, tone and elasticity of the skin.

The procedure can be used both separately and in combination with other cosmetic techniques that are quite popular and in demand today.

One of the main advantages of plasmolifting is the fact that the patient’s own blood is used, which reduces the risks of allergic reactions and undesirable effects. The procedure is also minimally invasive (using prp tubes) and virtually painless, has a fast recovery time and does not require interruption of daily activities.

Main advantages

PRP tubes (Platelet Rich Plasma tubes) are often used for the Plasmolifting procedure, which is one of the most popular non-surgical skin rejuvenation methods.

Benefits of the Plasmolift procedure using PRP tubes include:

  1. Safe and natural: the procedure is performed using the patient’s own blood, which minimizes the risk of unwanted side effects.
  2. Anti-aging effect: Platelet rich plasma contains many growth factors that promote skin regeneration and renewal, improve elasticity and reduce wrinkles.
  3. Simplicity and speed of the procedure: the procedure does not require much time, and it is often carried out in the evening or on weekends.
  4. The presence of a minimum recovery period: after the procedure, the patient can return to daily activities immediately.
  5. Long-term effect: the results of the procedure are visible after a few days and can last up to 1-2 years.

Tips & Tricks

Some recommendations for performing a plasma lifting procedure using PRP tubes include:

  1. The choice of an experienced and qualified specialist with extensive experience in this field of services.
  2. Performing all necessary blood tests immediately before the procedure.
  3. Compliance with all the requirements regarding the issue of sterility of instruments and, of course, materials.
  4. Use of exceptionally high quality PRP tubes.
  5. Compliance with instructions for skin care after the procedure.