What is a registration and why it is needed

The word “registration” is probably familiar to everyone. But do everyone know what it is and why it has such a meaning? If you figure it out, this is nothing more than registration at a particular apartment or house. At first glance, its presence is not so important. However, in fact, it gives numerous advantages and rights, but its absence, on the contrary, can become a problem. First of all, this is important for interaction with state authorities and local government. But often it is important for the subject himself.

So why can a residence permit? It is absolutely necessary when receiving a number of documents. Such as a passport, tax number or medical insurance policy. To replace the internal or the same foreign passport, you can’t do without registration. It will be required when applying for work, especially if these are state and power structures, or private commercial organizations. To register with the Pension Fund or take part in the vote, too, it will not work without registration. Not to mention registering a car or issuing individual entrepreneurship.

In order to arrange a residence permit, first of all, you should purchase housing. Regardless of the fact that this is your own apartment, a house or a room in a communal apartment, registration is also issued. You can also register in the apartment of relatives or friends. However, for the commission of this procedure, the owner of the housing must also appear at the passport office with his own documents. If registration is impossible, there is an option for issuing a temporary residence permit, which gives many similar rights.