What kind of business to open in England

England opens up great opportunities for a Russian person on its territory, but it is worth knowing the British nuances of business etiquette in the UK.

Learning English is the first thing every foreigner who wants to start a new business in Britain should do. But it’s also not worth planning something grandiose. Consider a small business option in the following areas:

  1. Tourism.
  2. Translation agency.
  3. Small shops of confectionery.
  4. Cafes and beauty salons.
  5. Hotel business.

If there is a desire to open a catering point, then Japanese or Chinese cuisine will not be successful in England. It is difficult to withstand competition in this direction, especially for a foreigner. And you also need to forget about the burger and hot dog stands.

The hotel business in the UK requires more investments and developments, but the profit will be different almost immediately. It is better to focus on mini-hotels where a person can spend the night in a warm bed and have a delicious breakfast in the morning. Housing is expensive now, as is a hotel, so a business idea should be tailored to the middle class of the population.

A travel company will require preparation: a colorful website that will attract customers with a description of places and interesting offers. Connections with tour operators will allow you to offer last-minute tours, and a cozy office will attract a clientele.