Why is it important to check your system for vulnerabilities

The number of hacker attacks has increased recently. That is why it is now quite important to timely check for vulnerabilities. And in this case, it is worth using the services of Cloud Pentest, which will save you from numerous difficulties and problems. For testing, professionals will use a unique development – this is the Pentest Service. The essence of this service is that the action of a hacker is simulated. All this allows you to quickly install all vulnerabilities.

It is important to consider that penetration testing as a service makes it possible to accurately determine what possible attacks can be carried out and what technologies can be used to carry out hacker attacks. All this will allow us to identify vulnerabilities, as well as determine which method of protection is more preferable in a particular case.

The main purpose of a pentest

Quite often, a pentest is carried out in order to promptly identify all those vulnerabilities, as well as problem areas in networks, systems, as well as in certain types of software or on websites. It is important to do this in a timely manner, since this is the only way to minimize the likelihood that existing vulnerabilities will be installed by hackers and used for their purposes.

If such tests are not carried out in a timely manner, then hackers will definitely take advantage of the vulnerabilities. They will be able to access truly important company data. This may cause the loss of important data, funds, etc.

Features of testing

In order to achieve a unique effect, you must first turn to professionals and sign an appropriate agreement. Only after this the specialists will perform the following actions.

  1. Initially, a thorough analysis of all information that may affect the company’s work is carried out. This includes email, forums, blogs, and many other sources. All this will allow you to achieve a unique effect.
  2. At the next stage, the threat is modeled. At the same time, not only external but also internal threats will be addressed. Additionally, automatic scanning is being introduced.
  3. Once all testing processes are completed, vulnerabilities will be identified.

Based on the data obtained, the most effective schemes are selected for protection and to reduce all possible risks.