Why it is profitable to invest in the UK

As one of the largest financial centers in the world, the United Kingdom attracts enterprising people from all over the world, including those who are ready to invest in economic development for their right to live and work on the islands.

Foreign investors and businessmen know that the UK is consistently in the top five of the rating of the most attractive countries for investment. The modern English economy is resistant to financial crises, and the age-old traditions of entrepreneurship, developed transport infrastructure, state support for small and medium-sized businesses, combined with huge sales markets, make it possible to earn good money.

What other advantages, besides money, can the British offer to foreign investors?

  1. Comfort and safety of living in a modern European country.
  2. Preferential tax treatment for residents of foreign origin.
  3. Excellent school and university education for children.
  4. High-quality medical care and social guarantees of the state.
  5. A reliable banking system, the ability to save and increase personal savings.
  6. UK citizenship after 5-6 years of residence, both for the investor and for his family.
  7. The possibility of visiting 184 countries of the world without a visa with a British passport.