Advantages of Louis Vuitton bags: main types and popular models

Stylish accessories complete and complement the look, emphasizing the individuality of the owner. Therefore, choosing a fashionable bag deserves special attention. Moreover, when we are talking about products from world brands such as Gucci, Balenciaga Luxus-Taschen. Such a handbag allows you to stand out from the crowd and serves as evidence of the high social status of the owner. Louis Vuitton bags are especially popular. What makes the products of this brand so popular?


Louis Vuitton bags have gained worldwide popularity due to their many advantages:

  1. The bags are made from a unique fabric called canvas. In appearance and texture it is similar to genuine leather. But it contains plant components: cotton and flax fibers. There is also a special secret coating that gives the fabric the grain characteristic of leather.
  2. The material of Louis Vuitton bags is incredibly durable. Each such product will last more than one season. And throughout the entire period of operation, the Louis Vuitton bag will look like new.
  3. Products are made by hand by high-level craftsmen.
  4. The brand is represented by a variety of bags, suitcases, and wallets of all shapes and sizes, so choosing the perfect option for every taste will not be difficult.

Of course, the cost of bags from such popular brands as Hermès, Chanel, Louis Vuitton is quite high. But this is the case when the price is fully justified by the quality of the product.

Popular models

  1. Classic Neverfull GM. This bag is rightfully considered a classic. It is quite compact on the outside and at the same time roomy on the inside. Equipped with a removable clutch for independent carrying.
  2. Lockme. This mini backpack is designed for fashionistas who are partial to backpacks. One of its advantages is its versatility. A mini backpack goes harmoniously with everyday outfits, regardless of their style.
  3. Graceful MM. This bag is ideal for every day. It is roomy and at the same time very light. Its wide strap does not cut into the shoulder, so carrying such a bag is very comfortable. You can go anywhere with it: to work, shopping, on a trip, etc.
  4. New Wave Bum Bag. A clutch is convenient primarily because it allows you to completely free your hands. This bag is worn on the belt, which is very convenient. The quilted surface looks neat and stylish, and gold accessories add a special charm.

If you want to purchase the Louis Vuitton Keepall Bandoulière 55 X or any other bag from this brand, you should make sure that this is an original product.